Monthly Archives: February 2016

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2016: The Year of Myopia?

Every once in a while we like to jump out into the great wide world of online news outlets to bring you articles and stories from around the globe. This week, our nJoy Vision bloggers stumbled on to a rather interesting, yet alarming, article from our pals at WIRED. Lot's of People are Losing Distance …

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Eyes on the Pies: National Pizza Day

Every once in a while, we like to blog about topics other than vision. Today is one of those instances. It's National Pizza Day. We couldn't let this day pass without paying our respects to the almighty pie. So, in order to justify taking up nJoy Vision blog space to celebrate pizza, we are going …

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AMD and Low Vision Awareness Month 2016

February is National AMD and Low Vision Awareness Month "Good to know!" you say, "But what is AMD and Low Vision?" We're glad you asked!  According to the National Eye Institute, Low Vision is a term commonly used among eye care professionals to indicate partial sight, or sight that cannot be fully corrected with surgery, …

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