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March 2022

I had such a pleasant experience with nJoy Vision while getting ICL done. I would go back to them again and again! The staff and providers are wonderful and took such good care of me.
- Mary B.

January 2022

Had such a great experience with nJoy. Fast and great service. Everyone was very nice and made sure I was comfortable during my LASIK procedure. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for someone to do their LASIK eye procedure!
- Jesse F.

December 2021

The staff was amazing. I loved the doctor that performed the eye surgery. I highly Recommend.
- Kaylee H.

December 2021

…Before surgery, I was seeing about 20/200 and now I’m seeing 20/15! My optometrist highly recommends nJoy and has been pleased with my results! I have too and would definitely recommend them.
- Kelsey M.

November 2021

I love this place. The people are great, and the procedure was super fast with very little pain.
- Jeremy N.

November 2021

They were extremely informative during the entire LASIK process and procedure! Very professional….. Very clean….. Very kind…. I would definitely recommend nJoy to anyone. Also, I am out of glasses and contacts for the first time in 32 years. It’s so amazing!
- Holly K.

September 2021

The facilities and staff are top notch all the way from the consult through surgery! So friendly and attentive with every step! So happy with my results! Highly recommend!!!

- Terrie T.

September 2021

nJoy makes sure you take all the proper steps to prepare your eyes for surgery. The staff makes sure you are informed about every step of the procedure and the doctor checks your eyes after. They also let you know what to expect in the coming days and they work with you to set up your first post op exam with your optometrist. I was in the actual OR for about 15 minutes. Before surgery, I was seeing about 20/200 and I'm now seeing 20/15! My optometrist highly recommends nJoy and has been pleased with my results! I have too and would definitely recommend them.

- Kelsey M.

September 2021

I had my cataract consultation and evaluation with nJoy Vision. The surgeon, Dr. Edward Jones, and the entire staff at nJoy, were professional and truly caring in their dealings with me. I highly recommend this company and these wonderful folks to anyone considering cataract surgery!

- Mike M.

July 2021

I had LASIK at nJoy Vision in October 2020 and could not be more satisfied with the experience. From my first consultation to the procedure to the follow-ups, the level of attention and care I received far exceeded my expectations. They never tried to sell me on the procedure, and even told me my eyesight wasn't all that bad. But I was tired of dealing with contacts and glasses and easily decided it was worth the investment. The procedure was surprisingly quick and easy, and by the next day my vision had already noticeably improved. Within a week I was doing everything I never thought I'd be able to do without my contacts!

- Tanner T.

April 2021

I received LASIK from nJoy Vision and every part of my experience was amazing. It is true when people say, "I should have done this sooner." I was legally blind and now 20/20! Being able to see isn't new to me. I could throw on a pair of glasses and see. It's the little experiences that are life-changing. Things like standing out in the rain and not seeing raindrops on your lenses, the constant reaching for my glasses that are not there anymore when I get out of the shower, for the first time in over a decade I saw my hair getting cut, and my fav: roughhousing with my kids without worrying about breaking my glasses. It's the little things that are making a huge impact in my life. Lifelong everyday experiences are now somehow NEW experiences. As someone who couldn't see a foot in front of his face... THANK YOU.

- Aaron D.

March 2021

Had both eyes done for cataracts, Dr Jones and staff at nJoy Vision are the best. They answered all questions and made the whole experience very easy and comfortable.

- Mark L.

February 2021

My husband & I both did Lasik at nJoy Vision on the same day & we loved the entire experience. The staff at nJoy went above and beyond any expectations we had on consultation day and the actual day of the procedure. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone.

- Roni G.

January 2021

Awesome staff and doctors! From start to finish, they helped me and answered all my questions. I’ve helped refer patients to nJoy before from the optometry practice that I work for, but getting to experience LASIK for myself is hands down the best gift that I could have given myself to end 2020! I haven’t been able to see like this since 1st grade!

- Sheney R.

October 2020

I had expected much improved vision, but nothing like this. You couldn't ask for a more professional, experienced, and attentive group of professionals than nJoy. Zero regrets choosing nJoy!

- Shelby H.

October 2020

Once was blind and now I see 🙂 Everyone here is amazing! Super helpful, efficient, and reasonably priced. I appreciate all of you. Thanks again, and I am referring all my friends!

- Rob M.

August 2020

Hands down best thing I’ve ever done for myself! I went from 20/400 to 20/15 immediately after the surgery. I walked out of the operating room and tested at 20/15. This after 30 years of wearing glasses and contacts. It will pay for itself in savings in about ten years. It’s already worth it for the convenience and safety of not relying on prescriptions. I highly recommend this center for their professionalism and caring. Go on, make the initial consultation appointment!

- Ashley L.

November 2019

The most professional, knowledgeable & kind staff with incredibly qualified & talented technicians & OD’s & MD’s! I’ve had my LASIK & cataract surgeries here! I highly recommend nJoy!

- Susan B.

August 2019

I have had cataracts removed & advanced IOLs implanted in both eyes. The only complication I had after the surgeries was an epithelial (membrane over the cornea) abrasion each time. We have determined that it was most likely due to dry eyes related to my Rheumatoid Arthritis. The abrasions were quickly healed with a contact patch & eye drops. As far as the registration, operative prep, surgery & post-operative care, I couldn't have asked for more. The clinical & nonclinical staff were awesome. They were friendly, helpful, patient & educational. Although I had significant pain post operatively due to the abrasions, I had absolutely no pain during surgery. I would definitely go to nJoy again!

- Carlene W.

January 2019

Friendly and knowledgeable!!

- Gaila F.


Doctor did a great job of explaining the procedure and the wonderful staff were excellent at keeping thing moving smoothly.

- Andrew M.


I recently had surgery at nJoy a couple months ago and have literally never regretted it, such an awesome experience. The staff was really informative and helpful in the process too.

- Jessica T.


After 20 years of wearing glasses and then contacts, I can finally see without anything! Big thanks to nJoy Vision for an amazing experience. The surgery went well and I'm feeling great! Thanks to Dr. Britton for keeping me calm and talking to me throughout the entire process. Thanks to Dr. Freeman and Dr. Holsted for all of the support and of course nJoy's wonderful staff. Best decision of my life.

- Jonathan L.

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