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November 2019

The most professional, knowledgeable & kind staff with incredibly qualified & talented technicians & OD’s & MD’s! I’ve had my LASIK & cataract surgeries here! I highly recommend nJoy!

- Susan B.

August 2019

I have had cataracts removed & advanced IOLs implanted in both eyes. The only complication I had after the surgeries was an epithelial (membrane over the cornea) abrasion each time. We have determined that it was most likely due to dry eyes related to my Rheumatoid Arthritis. The abrasions were quickly healed with a contact patch & eye drops. As far as the registration, operative prep, surgery & post-operative care, I couldn't have asked for more. The clinical & nonclinical staff were awesome. They were friendly, helpful, patient & educational. Although I had significant pain post operatively due to the abrasions, I had absolutely no pain during surgery. I would definitely go to nJoy again!

- Carlene W.

January 2019

Friendly and knowledgeable!!

- Gaila F.


Doctor did a great job of explaining the procedure and the wonderful staff were excellent at keeping thing moving smoothly.

- Andrew M.


I recently had surgery at nJoy a couple months ago and have literally never regretted it, such an awesome experience. The staff was really informative and helpful in the process too.

- Jessica T.


After 20 years of wearing glasses and then contacts, I can finally see without anything! Big thanks to nJoy Vision for an amazing experience. The surgery went well and I'm feeling great! Thanks to Dr. Britton for keeping me calm and talking to me throughout the entire process. Thanks to Dr. Freeman and Dr. Holsted for all of the support and of course nJoy's wonderful staff. Best decision of my life.

- Jonathan L.

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