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nJoy Vision Goes to College

nJoy Vision is excited to announce that we are now a Proud LASIK Partner of Oklahoma Sports and a Proud LASIK Provider of Cowboy Football. And to celebrate, we'll be giving away FREE LASIK all season long. Choose your team below, fill out the form, and then be listening to the live radio broadcasts of …

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Sports Eye Safety Month

The school year has kicked off for just about everyone, not to mention the start-up of football. Fittingly, September marks the month of Sports Eye Safety. While many of us are aware of sports-related injuries, what you may not be aware of is that eye injuries account for a large amount of those injuries. According …

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Contacts Lenses and the Back to School Blues

Congratulations, mom and/or dad! You made it through another summer juggling work and unoccupied kids for three months. Here’s a glass of rosé. Well it’s back-to-school season and you’re so close to having them off your (or your childcare provider’s) hands and into the nurturing embrace of the educational system. Of course, the school season …

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A Future With X-Ray Vision

Though many of us hate to admit it, our eyes are somewhat limited as to what we can see. At least that’s the case for right now. Recent advancements in technology are revealing things that our eyes aren’t capable of viewing on their own. Edgar Degas, well-known nineteenth century artist, hid a secret enigma in the …

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It’s National Aviation Day!

Here's the truth. If you look hard enough, you can find a holiday to celebrate just about every day of the year. Whether it be National Cookie Day or National Aviation Day, like today! If you’re not a pilot, the second best way to celebrate is by whipping out a classy pair of Aviators. And …

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And So Our Vision Problems Began!

On this day, 108 years ago, the first animated cartoon Fantasmagorie was shared with audiences in Paris. To make this cartoon, film maker Emile Cohl placed each drawing on an illuminated glass plate and then traced the next drawing, with variations, on top of it until he had some 700 drawings. In 1908, chalkboard caricaturists …

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So, What Exactly is 20/20 Vision?

It never fails. When you jump in your car these days, especially in our OKC, Tulsa, and Houston markets, you will undoubtedly hear some type of LASIK or vision correction commercial. And the vast majority of these commercials are promising 20/20 vision. But what does that mean exactly? The answer is actually pretty simple, if …

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Your Contacts are Keeping You from Being an Olympian

The Rio Olympics are in full swing, and you've been inspired to get in shape. Who knows, maybe you can make the 2020 Games if you work hard enough. You think you've got what it takes to be the next great Olympian. Too bad your contacts are getting in the way. Here's 5 quick reasons why …

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Vision and Learning Month

"One in ten children in America—over 5 million in all—has a vision problem significant enough to impact their ability to learn in school." 5 million. Let that number sink in. While the typical school vision screening may give students a ‘perfect’ grade of 20/20, this test only tells one thing: how well they can see at …

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