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nJoy Vision OKC LASIK Blog Tazia Cook Seiden EVO ICL Patient Story Feature Image

EVO ICL Patient Story – Dr. Tazia Cook Seiden

Before planting her roots in Oklahoma as an optometrist at EyeCare Associates of Yukon, Tazia Cook Seiden, O.D., grew up in several states, including California, Colorado, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Dr. Seiden’s personal connection to vision correction dates back to her middle school years when she received her first pair of prescription glasses in 6th grade …

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nJoy Vision Oklahoma City LASIK Blog EVO ICL Feature Image

See Clearly & Live Fully With EVO ICL at nJoy Vision

If you're considering laser vision correction, you've probably heard of LASIK, but there's another option you may want to consider – EVO ICL. This procedure is becoming increasingly popular due to its high success rate and numerous benefits. First, let's start with what EVO ICL actually is. The ICL stands for Implantable Collamer® Lens, which …

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nJoy Vision OKC LASIK Blog Joe Jonas EVO Visian ICL feature image

Jonas Bro Joe Knows EVO

In 2006, a relatively unknown pop music trio broke onto the scene with its debut album, “It’s About Time.” Over the next couple of years, they would establish themselves as the biggest pop-rock bro band since Hanson. But instead of catchy, mmmboppy lyrics and flowing golden locks, this harmonious household made headlines with bushy eyebrows …

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nJoy Vision Visian ICL and LASIK Alternatives blog post feature image of a smiling young man standing against a yellow-orange backdrop pointing over his shoulder to the nJoy Vision logo

Visian ICL & Other LASIK Alternatives

When most people think of laser vision correction, they immediately think of LASIK. With more than 20 million procedures performed in the last 25 years, it’s no wonder LASIK is synonymous with laser eye surgery. In fact, it’s the most popular elective procedure in the United States. Whether you realize it or not, you probably …

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nJoy Vision Blog 10 Common Eye Problems and Treatment Options feature image of a young woman peaking through her fingers

10 Common Eye Problems and Treatment Options

List articles are everywhere these days but rarely contain life-changing info. You know the ones, with titles like “10 Celebrity Birthdays You Should Have a Baby On,” or “10 Reasons Why Chins Are in After COVID-19,” and our personal favorite - “The Top 10 Top Tens To Help You Live a Better Life.” Of course, …

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nJoy Vision refractive surgeries overview blog post feature image of a woman with a curious look on her face trying to make a decision

What You Should Know About PRK, LASIK, RLE Surgery & Visian ICL: Results, Recovery, Benefits

When most people hear terms like "laser vision correction,” “laser eye surgery,” and even the more technical "refractive surgery,” LASIK is usually the first thing that comes to mind. And for good reason. With 700,000 procedures performed annually, LASIK is the most common vision correction surgery and one of the most popular elective surgeries in …

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How Much Are You Spending on Contacts and Glasses?

When it comes to choosing laser vision correction over glasses and contacts to remedy refractive errors, the most common hurdle for people to get over is the perceived cost of a surgical procedure. But did you know that the average cost of glasses and contacts over a 30-year period – $12,450 – is substantially more …

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