LASIK-PRK Self-Evaluation Test

Though LASIK eye surgery has been a life-changing procedure for millions of people with vision problems, it may not be the right procedure for everyone. At our LASIK vision center in Oklahoma City (OKC), we encourage patients from throughout the OKC region, from Norman, Moore, and other nearby areas, to complete an online self-evaluation test that our eye doctors use to recommend appropriate treatments.

Fill out the form below and your information will be forwarded directly to an nJoy Vision patient advocate. Upon review, we’ll contact you to discuss your candidacy for LASIK, PRK, or another procedure that is offered.

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Do you have trouble seeing far away or up close?*

What is your current method of vision correction?*

Are you interested in seeing well up close (reading) without glasses?*

Would your career or business activities improve if you were to become less dependent on glasses and contacts?*

Do you know your visual prescription?

If you have been told that you are not a candidate for LASIK, would you like to hear about other possible options?*

Do your eyes hurt after prolonged eyewear use?*

Do you have astigmatism?*

Has your prescription been stable for over the last two years?*

Are you willing to discuss risks with our LASIK patient advocate?*

Over 98% of LASIK patients see 20/40 or better after surgery. The results of LASIK laser vision correction have been tremendous for literally millions of people. Despite the amazing safety and results of this procedure there are associated risks.

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