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The Evolution of the Eye

This short video from the folks at TedEd does an incredible job summing up just how incredible the human eye really is. Take a few moments to sit back and appreciate the years of evolution that have gone into giving you your current view of the world around you. It's incredible when you look at all …

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A See-Through Truck?

There's nothing more frustrating than being stuck behind a huge 18-wheeler when you're in a hurry to get somewhere. And no matter how far you crane your neck, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a good view of oncoming traffic. So, there you are, destined to follow that semi truck going juuuust under the speed limit …

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Virtual Reality Finally a Reality

2016 will be bringing with it a whole new reality, a world that Sci-Fi and gaming enthusiasts have been dreaming of for nearly 3o years. For the past several years, digital gaming and tech companies have been racing to develop an easy to use, lightweight, virtual reality (VR) headset that users could wear in the …

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No Screen Time in the Heart of Silicon Valley

The nJoyVision crew talks all the time about the importance of limiting screen time for the sake of your eyes. (Yes, we understand the irony of this web-based post discussing the dangers of too much screen time. Just go with it.) But, some big-time tech execs in Silicon Valley have taken this idea to a …

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No Color in the Ancient World?

Take a moment and think back to summers as a child; bright sunny days lounging by a pool or hiking deep into the woods, evenings spent riding your bike down to grab a snow-cone or catch a movie. Now imagine these priceless memories devoid of color. No brilliant blue sky or green canopy of trees. …

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