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nJoy Vision OKC Open House

On Friday, June 20, we stashed the lasers in a back room and asked friends, families, patients, vendors and Chamber members to come out to the OKC center to help us celebrate of our first year as nJoy Vision. We further enticed them with Big Truck Tacos, an ice cream truck, popcorn, beer, margaritas, games …

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Four Fun Eye Tests to Mess with Your Eyes

So we may be a tad biased here, but are the eyes not the most awesome organs of all time? Just two little globes lodged into the front of your face that amazingly allow you to see and sense and experience the world around you. But as much admiration as we have for these magical little …

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Stop Vision Problems Before They Start

While we'll admit that nothing gets us more excited than an opportunity to introduce a refractive error to an excimer laser, it's our responsibility as eye care professionals to help prevent eye problems from happening in the first place. Even though certain vision problems like cataracts and presbyopia are a natural part of the aging …

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Six Great Reasons Why Businesses Should Offer Vision Benefits

All across the country, vision plan offerings are on the rise. Even in the midst of the recession and uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act, the rate at which large and small companies are offering vision coverage has increased between 30% and 200% since 2008, respectively. Why? Because more and more people are needing prescription eyewear …

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These Colors Will Trick Your Eyes

Here at nJoy Vision, we're just a bunch of eye nerds. Whether we're using advanced laser technology to give people better eyesight or being way too entertained by a simple optical illusion, we are absolutely fascinated by the power of the visual pathway. Speaking of being easily entertained, here's some visual trickery that recently caught …

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Face with blue eyes staring intently (MODEL)

11 Things Your Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health (Updated 2024)

People say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but we say they're actually the windows to your health. The fact is, your eyes can reveal any number of health problems. And in many cases, they can be the first signs of a serious complication. While eye care professionals know specifically what to look for …

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June is Child Vision Awareness Month

The month of June is Child Vision Awareness Month. That's 30 days to show your support for the more than 5 million elementary-aged children with vision problems. Despite the fact that undetected and untreated vision problems can lead to serious academic, health and social problems, only 1 in 3 children receive an eye exam before …

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Get to Know Stephanie Strojny

Meet Stephanie Strojny, Center Manager for nJoy Vision OKC, and one of the many personalities that make nJoy Vision who we are. Stephanie runs a tight ship in Oklahoma City, juggling patients and procedures, and making sure the doctors, surgeons, and nJoy staffers are always working together to give the best possible care to the …

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