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Everything UV Gotta Know About Ultraviolet Radiaton

Over the last month, we've devoted more than a few pages on this blog to the topic of sunglasses and UV light. And rightfully so. It's summer, the sun is high, and people are spending more time outside than any other time of the year. Protecting your eyes and skin is a deservedly a hot …

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All the Cool Kids Wear Sunglasses

This is not just another blog post about how important it is to wear UV ray-blocking sunglasses during the summer months. Well, okay, maybe it is. But instead of telling you why you should wear sunglasses, we want to focus on why children should also be wearing them. The fact is, when compared to adults, far fewer youngsters …

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How Much Are You Spending on Contacts and Glasses?

When it comes to choosing laser vision correction over glasses and contacts to remedy refractive errors, the most common hurdle for people to get over is the perceived cost of a surgical procedure. But did you know that the average cost of glasses and contacts over a 30-year period – $12,450 – is substantially more …

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The Best Optical Illusions of 2014

An optical illusion is a visually perceived image that differs from objective reality. Each year, the Neural Correlate Society holds a contest to see who can create the most mind-bending, eye-baffling optical illusions. A panel selects the top 10, and the top three are picked by an international gathering of people who must be immune …

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Eye Opening Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee drinkers, rejoice! The next time you order that Extra Grande Nonfat Vanilla Latte with Double Espresso, rest assured that the surge of caffeine may do more than simply open your eyes. According to a new study out of Cornell University, chlorogenic acid (CGA), a main ingredient in raw coffee, may promote eye health. In …

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Get to Know Dr. Edward Jones

Meet Dr. Edward Jones, M.D., Board Certified Ophthalmic Surgeon, and one of the many personalities that make us who we are. Dr. Jones is an honors graduate from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine who specializes in LASIK, Intraocular Lens Implants, and being not very good at golf. Dr. Jones' favorite things about nJoy …

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Instagram-ify Your Sunglasses

If you're the type of person who'd rather see the world through an Instagram filter than with the naturally crisp and clear perspective that 20/20 vision affords you, we'd like to introduce you to Tens. Tens are tinted sunglasses featuring a CR-39 polymer frame and UV400 protectives lenses that reproduce the warm, saturated look shared …

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Work Out to Prevent Retinal Disease

With swim suit season in full swing, everyone is hitting the gym or yoga studio to get that rocking summer body. What if all that sweating and ab crunching could not only help you stay fit, but also help prevent the progress of retinal disease? Findings from a new study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, …

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Are Your Shades Shading Your Eyes from UV Light?

May is Ultraviolet Awareness Month, so pull out those aviators, club masters or wayfarers, and keep your eyes in the shade. Just don't sacrifice UV blockage for style. According to the American Optometric Association's 2014 American Eye-Q® Survey, less than one third of people surveyed said UV protection is the most important factor when picking out …

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FDA Panel Says “Yes, Yes and Yes” to STAAR Visian Toric ICL

STAAR Surgical's Visian® Toric Implantable® Collamer Lens (TICL™) is three steps closer to getting FDA approval and making it a first of its kind product in the U.S. The Visian TICL recently received favorable votes to three questions presented to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Ophthalmic Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory …

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