Monthly Archives: May 2016

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Glasses Are the Worst Movie Date

It's summer movie season! That magical time of year when super heroes hit the silver screen, epic love stories capture our hearts, and side-splitting comedies have us rolling in the aisles (sounds sticky). But for millions of Americans, blockbuster season can be VERY frustrating. Glasses can be the WORST movie date ever.  Here are 5 …

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KAMRA® Gets Its Close-Up!!

We've been saying it for months! The KAMRA® inlay procedure has the potential to change your life. Imagine never having to pick up a pair of reading glasses ever again. Imagine an allergy season free from itchy, watery eyes due to contacts. Imagine being able to wake up every morning and immediately seeing the world …

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UV Awareness Month!

May is UV Awareness Month, and we've all heard the warnings, "Protect your eyes when your outside!" Yah yah, we get it. Sunglasses, a ball cap, maybe some sunscreen around the eyes. In Fact, we've spent a great deal of time warning against UV exposure, here on the blog. What's the big deal anyway? The …

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