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Healthy Recipes for Healthy Eyes

Earlier this week, we wrote about a group of scientists who say a mere change in diet can give people the ability to see near infrared. However outlandish or feasible you find that claim to be, there's no denying that the foods we eat do have an impact on the overall health of our eyes. …

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Can Humans See Near Infrared?

The genre of Science Fiction is full of intriguing scenarios in which human beings are able unlock the full potential of their brains, and, in doing so, develop super-powers and/or super-intelligence. The source of many of these stories is the 10% Myth, a popular urban legend that asserts most humans only use 10% of their …

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Woman in black and white with rainbow hued irises (MODEL)

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You? (Updated 2024)

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, does it stand to reason eye color could affect a person’s personality? Some people believe the color of our eyes provides a glimpse into everything from a person’s disposition to their sense of humor—and even how well they can handle their alcohol! Whether you think there’s …

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nJoy Vision Tulsa Anniversary Party

Recently, the rowdy folks at nJoy Vision Tulsa opened their doors and costume closets to family, vendors, and patients in celebration of an amazing first year as nJoy Vision. The food and drinks set the mood, but, as you can see from the photos below, it was the photo booth green screen that really set …

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See in the Dark with the Sony A7s

The A7s is Sony's new, pint-sized full frame mirrorless camera. The "s" in A7s stands for sensitivity because it was designed for incredible performance in low light situations. For the photog-savvy among us, we're talking crazy high ISO settings up to an insane 409600. Instead, the point of this post is to show you just how …

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The Headaches of Computer Vision Syndrome

We are all guilty of being on our computers, tablets, and smartphones more than ever before. The eye pain and fatigue it causes are now making headlines along with the headaches. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer use. Every year, there are more than …

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Woman's face with long dark eye lashes (MODEL)

The Glaucoma Medicine That Gives You Long, Luscious Lashes (Updated 2024)

In her lifetime, the average woman will spend $4,000 on mascara alone in order to make her eyelashes appear longer, fuller, and darker. Capitalizing on this huge market is pharmaceutical company Allergan with a prescription drug that doesn’t just make lashes appear longer and fuller, it actually makes them grow longer and fuller. Bimatoprost, or …

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The Very Real Struggles of Wearing Contacts

When you think about it, contact lenses truly are amazing little feats of engineered medical technology. Not only do they sit directly on your eyeball and focus light so you can actually see (so cool!), they're also oxygen permeable and made of large molecules called polymers (so science-y!). But if you ask anyone who has …

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