Monthly Archives: August 2023

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Lifestyles for LASIK: The Positive Impacts of LASIK on Various Walks of Life

In the realm of modern medicine, LASIK has emerged as the go-to surgical solution for correcting vision problems. Since receiving FDA approval in 1999, LASIK has liberated millions of Americans from the constraints of glasses and contact lenses by using groundbreaking laser technology to reshape the cornea and restore clear vision. From athletes, business professionals, …

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nJoy Vision OKC LASIK Blog Children's Eye Health & Safety Month feature image

Back-to-School Focus: Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month

As we step into the new school year, paying attention to children's eye health is essential. This August, coinciding with Children's Eye Health & Safety Month, we are reminded of the significance of vision and eye care for our young ones. Prevent Blindness, a non-profit organization committed to preserving sight, took the lead by providing …

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