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nJoy Vision Oklahoma City LASIK Blog Fireworks Eye Safety Feature Image

Make Fireworks Eye Safety a Priority This July 4th (Updated 2024)

As we roll through June and approach the month of July, it's crucial to remember that it's not only time for summer fun and Fourth of July festivities but also time to prioritize fireworks eye safety due to the high risk for eye injuries associated with fireworks celebrations.  In the month and days leading up …

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nJoy Vision OKC LASIK Blog PVCS & VCD $1,000 LASIK Discount Feature Image

Maximize Your Vision & Savings: $1,000 Off LASIK With PVCS & VCD

If you've been considering LASIK surgery in Oklahoma City to correct your vision, there's never been a better time to take the plunge. Primary Vision Care Services (PVCS) and Vision Care Direct (VCD) are offering their members a $1,000 discount on LASIK at nJoy Vision through September. This limited-time offer from PVCS & VCD presents …

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