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Glasses: Better for Fashion than Function

People with vision issues want two things – to see clearly and look good. Today’s eyeglass frames are so stylish, they are statement-making, runway-worthy accessories. So much so, there has been an uptick in the number of young Americans who choose to wear eyeglasses without needing them to see. A recent survey from the Vision …

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Your Contacts Are Keeping You From Your Beach Bod

It's heating up! Time to work on your beach bod. Just beware, should you choose to try one of these new trends, your contact lenses may pose an extra challenge. 1. Aerial Fitness It sounds made up, but it’s not. Ready for an hour of a hanging from the ceiling held up by large ribbons? If …

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7 Reasons Camping With Contact Lenses Is a Pain

Camping has it all. Friend time, hiking time, communing with nature, S'MORES! It’s a wonder we’re not all camping all the time. Well, to those of us with contacts, it’s not fun. For all of its redeeming qualities, camping can actually be pretty annoying when you have contacts. Here are seven reasons why. 1. When you have …

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