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Glaucoma: What You Should Know

We made a post at the beginning of the month announcing that the month of January is "Glaucoma Awareness Month". The article touched on research surrounding the disease, some basic facts and figures on the number of glaucoma cases in the U.S., and ways to get involved in the search for a cure. And now …

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Alzheimer’s: Still Looking for a Cure

A few years ago we posted a short blog about possible early detection of Alzheimer's disease through regular eye exams. It's been a while since we've addressed this wide-spread disease on the site, so we thought we'd circle back and discuss the issue again. We have many new readers since we first posted, and a …

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Time to Show Some LASIK Love

Gentlemen! This blog post is serving as your reminder. VALENTINE'S DAY IS RAPIDLY APPROACHING! We know that this time of year can be particularly stressful for guys. What flowers do you buy? Should you buy a card or make a card? Do you buy jewelry? A stuffed animal? Both?!?!?! And what about dinner? Relax. We've …

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EyeSmart Now Mobile-Friendly

If you've followed the blog for long, you know that nJoy Vision prides itself on staying up-to-date on industry trends, especially as they relate to eye health, technology, and overall industry news. This story from the AAO got us super excited! This is just another way of bringing great eye care to the masses! (Info …

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Official LASIK Center of the 2015 Peach Bowl Champs

For the University of Houston Cougar football team, it was a season for the ages. And at nJoy we couldn't be prouder to partner with such an amazing program. We would like to congratulate coach Herman and his team on a 13-1 season, capped off by an impressive Peach Bowl win over perennial powerhouse, Florida …

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Glaucoma Awareness Month 2016

Currently, more than 3 million people in the U.S. have Glaucoma in the Unites States alone. Let that number sink in for a second. The scary truth behind this number is that a large percentage of men and women who currently have glaucoma are not even aware that they have the disease. By 2030, the NEI …

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