EVO ICL™ Self-Evaluation Test

Are you looking for a hassle-free solution when it comes to correcting your vision? Whether you’re casually browsing for an alternative for correcting your vision or you’re ready to break free from glasses and contacts, our self-assessment quiz can help you see if EVO ICL™ at nJoy Vision in OKC could be right for you like our many patients from the Oklahoma City area, including Norman, Moore, and surrounding areas.

Estimated time to complete: less than 3 minutes

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Where are you in your journey of looking for a vision correction procedure?*

What bothers you about wearing contacts? (check all that apply)

What bothers you about wearing glasses? (check all that apply)

Is having excellent night vision after a vision correction procedure important to you?

How important is the price of the vision correction procedure you’ll get?

Which of the following would be important to you in a vision correction procedure? (check all that apply)

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