Monthly Archives: December 2014

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Visian ICL™ from the Eyes of an Optometrist and Patient

Who doesn't love a good patient testimonial? We sure do, and so do potential patients looking to nJoy Vision for advice and reassurance. This patient story, however, is a little bit different. Mark Miriello isn't just a Visian ICL™ patient at nJoy Vision Tulsa. He's a Visian ICL™ patient at nJoy Vision Tulsa who also …

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10 Ways LASIK Can Improve Your Life and Your Game

For professional athletes, healthy eyes and good vision are as important to their success as their athletic ability. According to Dr. Mark Sibley, that's why NFL stars like Troy Aikman, Wayne Chrebet, and Danny Kanell have publicly acknowledged having LASIK. Here's Dr. Sibley's list of the 10 ways LASIK can improve your life, and even …

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