5 Big Reasons to Use Your Tax Refund on LASIK in OKC

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Tax season can be stressful, but it can also present some nice surprises in the form of extra cash from Uncle Sam. No, not the weird one on your dad’s side of the family. We’re talking IRS tax refunds! 

If you end up getting one this year, do you plan on investing it or using it on yourself? If you’re wise, you can get something that immediately improves your quality of life, pays dividends for years to come, and possibly helps with next year’s tax returns.

We’re of course talking about LASIK at nJoy Vision in Oklahoma City. Laser vision correction is the unicorn of tax refund uses. It immediately makes life more fun and enjoyable, and it’s an investment that provides long-term value by saving time and money in the years to come.

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Why Use Your Tax Refund on Laser Vision Correction at nJoy Vision?

Why is LASIK a great use for this year’s reimbursement from the IRS? Here are five BIG reasons laser vision surgery is an excellent use of your well-earned refund.

1. LASIK Will Save Money in the Long Run

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LASIK is a one-time investment, while the contacts lenses or glasses that you now rely on are an ongoing expense. Once you’ve had refractive laser eye surgery, there is a great chance you will no longer need to deal with the monthly or yearly costs associated with glasses or contacts. 

Imagine not having to buy new lenses or frames every year as your prescription changes. And how great would it be to not have to fork over even more money when your eyewear unexpectedly breaks or gets lost? Also, all those pricey contact lens solutions and cases will be a thing of the past.

2. You May Be Able to Write Off LASIK on Next Year’s Taxes

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If you itemize your deductions by filing a Schedule A with your 1040 income tax returns, you are able to include your LASIK procedure. The IRS states, “You can include in medical expenses the amount you pay for eye surgery to treat defective vision, such as laser eye surgery.”

There are a few asterisks to consider, however. For instance, the current tax law states that you can only deduct medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. Also, you need to itemize your returns. If you do not, you cannot claim these medical expenses. If you do qualify for this deduction and find that itemizing will give you a bigger refund, this year’s LASIK procedure may help you get a larger refund next year.

3. You Probably Won’t Have to Deal With Contacts or Glasses Anymore

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Most people experience a noticeable improvement in their vision immediately following their LASIK procedure. Within a day, you can expect to perform everyday tasks with better, clearer vision than ever before. And it keeps on improving over the next couple of weeks as your eyes completely heal. It’s at this point that most patients are comfortable saying bye-bye to their old glasses or contacts.

What would this mean for your quality of life? Take a second to think about it. You will not have to worry about your glasses fogging over when you come in from the cold or open up the dishwasher or oven. No more hearing that dreaded cruuunch when you finally find your misplaced glasses… under your foot. And that daily, time-consuming contact lens care routine would be a thing of the past.

In short, LASIK can take all these annoyances and many more out of the picture. Forever.

4. Activities Are Easier Without Corrective Lenses

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If you enjoy an active life, you know how inconvenient glasses and contacts are. Whether you’re box-jumping, jogging, or basketballing, it is guaranteed that glasses will continuously slip down your nose. Contact lenses might seem like a better option in these situations… until you get exercise-induced perspiration in your eye or lose a lens in the middle of your athletic activity. 

With LASIK, this is not an issue. You can practice jiu-jitsu, swim laps, or hike trails without worrying about losing a lens or irritating a contact.

5. LASIK Brings About Positive Lifestyle Changes

nJoy Vision 5 Reason to Use Your Tax Refund on LASIK in OKC blog post story image

In addition to the conveniences of living life without glasses and contact lenses, LASIK can increase your self-confidence. 

When you’re free from glasses and contact lenses, you’ll have more control over how you look and how you present yourself to others. You’ll be able to do more things and say “yes” to more opportunities. 

Better vision means a fresh perspective and, oftentimes, a better outlook on yourself and the world around you.

2024 Is the Year to Use Your Tax Refund on LASIK

As you can see, LASIK at nJoy Vision in Oklahoma City is a great way to use your tax refund for a number of reasons!

  • No more eyewear or eye care hassles
  • You’ll save money on corrective lenses, hardware, and accessories
  • Your quality of life will improve, along with your self-confidence
  • You can start living a more active lifestyle
  • And LASIK is an eligible medical expense that can be claimed as a tax deduction when you itemize your deductions.

What more could you ask for with your 2024 tax refund?!

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