5 Entry-Level Jobs That Are Worse With Glasses

Worse with glasses

If you’re a recent grad, you’re on the grind to stave off, as best as possible, moving back home. Staying on that hustle helps you maintain your youthful vitality, opens you up to a world of new memes about employment, and gives you an excuse to get weekly massages for “all the stress.”

While entry level jobs are almost always rough, they’re a little extra when you wear glasses. Especially these five.

Here are the 5 worst entry-level jobs that are even worse with glasses:

1. Community manager

Which, if you don’t know, is a fancy way of saying person who runs all the social media channels. It’s a default position for most millennials at most companies because Olds don’t understand subtweeting, which means you’re already supremely qualified. It mainly involves long hours scheduling posts and monitoring for mentions (or worse, reviews) of your product/company. Your glasses have all the time to pinch your ears or dig into the bridge of your nose, leaving those deep, red marks.

2. Short order cook

Not a dream job, but a solid way to make rent, flipping burgers for a local or chain establishment is a totally fine way to earn money while you hunt for the right career. That being said, it also involves moving around a lot in a tight space with ample deep fryer steam to fog up your lenses or grease to smudge them.

3. Personal assistant, or production assistant

The latter is really more of an L.A. thing, but they’re both entry-level jobs that a. require being well-connected, and b. have you working long hours running errands all over town. When you’re visiting 20 places in one day, you set your glasses down at any one of them and you might as well have thrown them into a black hole. Retracing your steps is a daunting task made even more so without your glasses on…

4. Teacher

You wanted to give back and inspire the minds of tomorrow right out of school.  So you joined a nonprofit that connects new grads with teaching jobs in low income schools. That’s great (like really, really great!), but you forget what’s not great about working with kids is all the running and hitting and bumping and craft projects. Even if you survive your two years, your frames might not.

5. Dog walker

The gig economy is not ideal, but it helps make a few extra bucks on the side. If you’re not driving for a rideshare company or running errands for…an errand-running company?…walking dogs is probably your next best bet. But dogs have no love for glasses. Rather, dogs have much love for destruction. Be wary not to let your frames become victim when you set them down or bend over.

Glasses aren’t always annoying at work, but there comes a time when they get annoying, be it running out for a replacement when they break or not being able to find them after you’ve set them down. If glasses aren’t right for you and you haven’t considered it in a while, maybe it’s time to take another look at LASIK.

When you’re ready, hit us up for a FREE Consultation and we will help make that first job just a bit easier to deal with!

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