5 Ways to “nJoy Thanksgiving” This Year

Every once in a while we like to step away from the world of vision to simply share fun ideas with our readers. Being that Turkey Day is just around the corner, we thought we would give our tips for having a great Thanksgiving. In our opinion, the best way to make the most of the holiday is to turn your attention and affections to the ones you love. From “Friendsgiving” to rethinking the traditional family feast, here are our Top 5 ways to truly “nJoy Thanksgiving” this year!

1. Friendsgiving

Make it a point to broaden your horizons a bit this year. Do you know a co-worker who won’t be going home to see family? Is there an acquaintance you keep running into at the store, or at church, whom you’d like to get to know a bit better? Invite them for dinner this year! Thanksgiving could be the perfect opportunity to kindle a lasting new friendship!

2. Test Your Luck

Sure. Thanksgiving is a time to carve up the turkey, crack open the jiggly cranberry sauce, and whip up some mashed potatoes. But this year could also be the chance to rethink your Holiday feast. Give potluck a chance! Invite friends and family to bring their own dish to pass around the table. Chances are, some of your traditional favorites will still make their way to the table,  but you might just find a new favorite amongst the other new offerings. Just make sure someone brings the deviled eggs! They may be a bit stinky, but they’re good for your eyes! 

3. Turkey Trot!

The annual Turkey Trot has become a nationwide craze. It is very likely that your town/city is hosting its own version of the run. Even better, most Turkey Trots around the country donate proceeds to local charities. So grab family and friends on Thanksgiving morning, head out for a run, work up an appetite, and give back this Thanksgiving!

4. Give Your Eyes a Break

We get it. The parades, the football games, the Holiday specials, they are all classic traditions. But as we’ve said time and time again, your eyes need a break from television. So this year instead of gathering around the TV, try gathering friends around a bonfire, a board game, or a good old fashioned conversation. And if you really need parades and football, get outside and recreate them for yourself! There’s nothing like a pick-up game of football and a kid parade to get the Holiday season started off right!

5. Replace Black Friday with Green Friday

This year, instead of waking up early on Friday morning to bust doors, enjoy a long breakfast with friends and family and start preparing your home for Christmas! It could be a fun time to pull out the tree, hang some garland, throw on some Christmas tunes, and of course, guzzle some cider. However you like to ring in the Holiday Season, we recommend that it be with friends, not with strangers in the shopping line.


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