7 Reasons Camping With Contact Lenses Is a Pain

Camping has it all. Friend time, hiking time, communing with nature, S’MORES! It’s a wonder we’re not all camping all the time. Well, to those of us with contacts, it’s not fun. For all of its redeeming qualities, camping can actually be pretty annoying when you have contacts.

Here are seven reasons why.


1. When you have daily disposables, multi-day camping can be something of a to-do

You have to make sure you’re not about to run out and that you’ve ordered plenty in advance. You have to make sure you take plenty with you. You have to make sure you put them somewhere they won’t get lost among all your other camping gear. Those relatively little containers are a disproportionately big deal.


2. When you have monthlies, you have to be very careful

Lose one and you’re SOL. With blurry half-vision, your old friend Barry looks an awful lot like your new friend Bear, and trust us (and Leo), Bear is no friend to you.


3. Camping bathrooms don’t generally have mirrors

Most old pros can get their contacts in without a mirror, but if you’re new to the process or if there are any unexpected variables (like something gets stuck in your eye under the lens), you’ll have a hard time troubleshooting it with a compact mirror or the rearview of your car.


(Credit: Arup Malakar/Flickr)

4. And bathroom runs in the middle of the night are downright scary

When nature calls while you’re in nature and wakes you from your tent, it’s dark and hard to navigate in the best of scenarios. Add to that the fact that your contacts are out and things get really hairy. All the scariest stuff comes out at night, and an opossum’s teeth aren’t any less sharp just because they look fuzzy around the edges.


5. Hand sanitizer is a poor substitute for washing your hands

You’re supposed to wash your hands thoroughly before and after you put in your contacts, but as we all know, clean running water is not a guaranteed thing at all campsites. And don’t think, “I’m fine, I brought hand sanitizer.” Hand sanitizer generally contains alcohol, which dries out your hands and is terrible for your eyes.


6. That campfire smoke’s gonna get ya

It’s an unwritten rule of bonfires that the annoying wisps of black smoke spend an equal amount of time irritating the faces of every single person around the fire. But what’s a tolerable amount of sputtering and coughing for most people can be an intolerable amount of eye watering and rubbing for someone who has contacts in their eyes and doesn’t particularly want to lose them…


7. Ants can and may get into your contact case

It’s happened before, and it could happen again. You may think to yourself, “Oh, this would never happen to me,” but don’t get carried away (by ants) because no one among us is safe. Secure those contact cases tight.

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(Image at top, credit: Zach Dischner/Flickr)

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