A New Outlook for Tulsa

Tulsa World just put out its new Outlook publication and it just makes us proud to be a part of the growing and vibrant scene in the city.

Why? Because Tulsa has lots to love. From a moving economy to spiritual roots, this part of the state (and country, for that matter) is truly impressive.

At nJoy Vision Tulsa, we try to reflect these ideals on a daily basis by providing friendly, quality service to a people from all walks of life and corners of the city.

“Tulsa is an amazing community,” said Joel Sturm, O.D., Founder and Vice President of Affiliate Network Development, nJoy Vision. “Just like nJoy, it’s close-knit but very progressive; relaxed but still in constant motion.”

Check out Outlook 2014 online – it’s worth the read.

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