A See-Through Truck?

There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck behind a huge 18-wheeler when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. And no matter how far you crane your neck, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a good view of oncoming traffic.

So, there you are, destined to follow that semi truck going juuuust under the speed limit for the next 50 miles. This is the very problem that Samsung has taken head-on with their latest project. The tech giant’s latest experiment is called “The Safety Truck”, and while the name may be a bit underwhelming, the product promises to be a game-changer.

The idea is so simple that it’s a wonder nobody has developed it before now. The new Safety Truck is equipped with a front-end, high resolution camera that sends a signal to a massive four-screen monitor located on the back of the trailer, this according to write-up on Forbes.com.

Of course, with an idea like this there are many questions that still need to be answered. How dependable is the signal from the camera? Will the massive TV be more of a distraction than a help? And what about liability? If I see the all-clear on the monitor, but end up steering into oncoming traffic, who is ultimately responsible? Me? Samsung?

For now, the Safety Truck is simply a really cool concept that still needs a lot of testing before it hits the road. Until then, we recommend relying on your own eyesight to get you home safely. With that in mind, perhaps it is time to take advantage of our amazing deal on LASIK this summer!

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