All the Cool Kids Wear Sunglasses

This is not just another blog post about how important it is to wear UV ray-blocking sunglasses during the summer months.

Well, okay, maybe it is. But instead of telling you why you should wear sunglasses, we want to focus on why children should also be wearing them.

The fact is, when compared to adults, far fewer youngsters wear shades. This is especially problematic during the summer months when school’s out, because kiddos are the ones more likely to be outside in the eyeball-scorching sun during the day.

As adults, we’ll be the first to admit that we often view sunglasses as fashion accessories first and protective wear last. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to get little ones to keep their shades on – they’re more worried about having fun than looking fly.

Still, it’s our responsibility as parents/relatives/guardians/nannies/mannies to protect our charge from danger, including UV exposure. Wrap-around shades are a great way to accomplish this feat. They’re more difficult for kids to take off, and they block more sunlight on the sides than regular glasses.

If you need a few more reasons to make sure the kids under your supervision are donning miniature aviators or tiny wayfarers, let’s shine some light on the following statistics.

+ Kids receive 300% more UV exposure than adults.

+ People receive 1/4 of their lifetime UV exposure by  the age of 18.

+ 10% of skin cancers are found on the eyelids.

+ 95% of people know that UV radiation can damage the skin, but only 7% know that it damages the eyes.

+ All sunglasses labeled as blocking 100% of UV light offer the same amount of protection, whether the price tag is $3 or $300.

Now that you know why it’s so important for kids to wear sunglasses, don’t be afraid to drop this knowledge on everyone you know with kids. Because it’s our goal to make every kid a cool kid.

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