And the Winner is…Crooked Glasses?

We get it. A nice pair of frames can be stylish, even fashion-forward. But Sunday night at the Oscars, the beautiful and stunning Kate Winslet became the focus of a few social media critics for her inability to straighten her frames before walking on stage to present. Her frames did not seem to fit her ensemble (or her face for that matter). So we decided to dig a little further.

Upon researching, we found plenty of stunning photos of Kate from the evening, not wearing her frames. So, we came to the only possible conclusion. Kate must have put her specs on in order to read the teleprompter, thus opening herself up to unnecessary critique from the World Wide Web! If only we had reached out to her sooner…

Dear Kate, the good people at nJoy Vision would love for you to drop by any of our three locations in OKC, Tulsa, or Houston. We’ll gladly walk you through the FREE Consultation and get you all set up for a quick, virtually pain-free LASIK procedure. And next year, those unsightly glasses will be a thing of the past. Consider it our gift to you for the years of amazing cinematic performance!


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