Contacts Lenses and the Back to School Blues

Congratulations, mom and/or dad! You made it through another summer juggling work and unoccupied kids for three months. Here’s a glass of rosé.


Well it’s back-to-school season and you’re so close to having them off your (or your childcare provider’s) hands and into the nurturing embrace of the educational system.

Of course, the school season comes with its own stresses that can go well beyond making sure your kid has the flyest Trapper Keeper. Here are four reasons the back-to-school season is just a touch tougher when you have contact lenses.

1. Remembering everything is really hard

By the time you’re done ordering the pencils and the staplers and the three-hole punches and the safety scissors and the bumper sticker from the school district booster club and the new backpack because Malcolm destroyed the old backpack because Malcolm destroys everything… you forget that it’s also time to order another three months of contact lenses. So you’re dusting off your old frames for a few days until they arrive, which is fine, but you retired that look for a reason.


This is Malcolm.

2. That extra step in the morning

Mornings were already a struggle. When haven’t they been? Once school starts again, it’s even harder to find enough time in the mornings to get the kids ready and pull yourself together for adulting at work. It’d be so great if you could just roll out of bed, make breakfast, pack lunch, check backpacks and hit the road, but you’ve gotta take that extra step and get your contacts in before you do any of those things so you can see. Nevermind hitting snooze on your alarm because you can’t even read the clock in the morning to see if you have enough time until you’ve gotten your contacts in.


3. Focusing on contacts (when you really should be focusing on the road)

Then there was that one morning when you were really rushed and decided to get your contacts in while you were driving, but one fell on the dirty floor mat and you had to go all one-eyed pirate at the carpool circle. Squinting with one eye is not a good look to greet the other mothers and fathers in the morning.


4. First day feels

Despite all the prep and the chaos and the drama, there is something really moving about the first day of school, even when it’s not the first first day. As you watch the little ones tear up down the walkway to their classroom, be strong. Tears are a sign of weakness, and also an opportunity to cry out or rub out your contact, and you cannot afford to lose one on your way into the office.

Fine, contacts may not add that much stress, but why should you allow them to add any stress at all? They’re annoying during back to school season just like they were annoying during summer vacation and the spring semester before that and all. the. time. If you haven’t considered it in a while, it might be a good time to take another look at LASIK, the vision correction solution without the hassles of contacts and glasses. LASIK has come a long way in 18 years and treated more than 15 million patients around the world.

And here’s even more good news!

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