Bye-Bye Google Glass!

OK. We’ve been known on this blog to get pretty excited, and some times a bit worked up, about technological advancements. But this latest development has us both thrilled and terrified at the same time. According to, Sony has recently patented a new kind of “contact lens camera” that gives us a glimpse into an intriguing (and for privacy reasons also scary) future! This is a fully functioning camera worn on an eyeball, complete with lens unit, image sensor, microchip processor and storage unit on the contact lens!

So, with this we say, “Bye-bye Google Glass!”


Original Sony Patent Drawing: Courtesy of

Most recent rumors surrounding this “eye camera” suggest that all features of the camera will be operated by the movement and speed of the eye (i.e., blinking, focusing, etc.) This seems like something straight out of the movies, but if it truly comes to fruition, the result would be both amazing and terrifying. On one hand, true eye camera would revolutionize private users’ ability to take great photos anywhere. On the other hand, this type of device opens up all kinds of problems concerning privacy.

Either way, it’s really cool!

And while this camera is most likely nowhere near ready to be put on the market, nJoy Vision has a different kind of “KAMRA®” that we can hook you up with right now! Head over to to see if the KAMRA® inlay is right for you.

The KAMRA® inlay is a microscopic, but powerful piece of technology.

Much like the lens on a camera, this tiny corneal implant allows the eye to focus light into the retina, helping to correct near vision loss. Soon after the quick, pain-free procedure, patients will notice a wider range of improved vision at all distances. Most resume normal activities in 24-48 hours.

Imagine being able to read text on a screen, view a billboard, and see the facial expressions of friends and family in clear detail!

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