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Is Your Red My Red?

While any two people with normal color vision can point to an object and probably agree on the color of that object, do they actually see the color the same? To answer this question, we turn to Vsauce, our favorite YouTuber with an always interesting perspective on vision. Mind-blowing takeaway: Color is merely an illusion, …

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Answers to Questions about Being Blind from a Blind Guy

Tommy Edison is a funny guy. He's been blind since birth, and uses YouTube to answer the most common questions about being blind. It's amazing the things we take for granted when it comes to our sight. And Tommy does a great job at explaining how his life is different from sighted people's, and in …

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3-D Printing is Changing the Way the Visually Impaired See the World

For sighted people, the world we see and interact with on a daily basis is full of three-dimensional objects and perspectives that our sense of sight allows us to fully comprehend and appreciate. The visually impaired, however, often only have words and descriptions to rely on to experience this same environment. Because of this, it's …

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