Your Contacts are Keeping You from Being an Olympian

The Rio Olympics are in full swing, and you’ve been inspired to get in shape.

Who knows, maybe you can make the 2020 Games if you work hard enough. You think you’ve got what it takes to be the next great Olympian. Too bad your contacts are getting in the way. Here’s 5 quick reasons why you’ll never be able to be an Olympic athlete as long as you are having to mess with contact lenses at the gym.


1. Um…sweat

Sweat in your eyes, sweat on your hands, sweat on the machines. But most annoyingly, sweat in your eyes. And excessive wiping and rubbing stands to irritate your eyes more than your salty sweat, especially if you have contacts. Not to mention, it makes a great opportunity for your contacts to fall out.


2. Locker rooms are a nightmare

Locker rooms are uncomfy in the best of scenarios. In a perfect world, here would be a good place to change out your lenses, so you can pop them out and make this whole experience out of focus. But locker rooms are disgusting, and for the same reason you’re supposed to wear flip-flops in the showers, you won’t want to be touching your eyes.


3. You opted for a gym with a swimming pool, but you know you’re never going to use it

You want to be able to, on a whim, hop down to the pool and get some aquatic exercise in, but let’s be realistic. You can’t swim with contacts in, so you gotta pop those bad boys out, and then you’re the worst person to have to share a swim lane with ever. Nobody wants your blind paddling colliding with them.


4. Chalky hands are not fun

Chalk’s great for rock climbing, gymnastics, even some weightlifters prefer it to gloves. Chalk is not great for contacts, however. Keep those hands away from your face until they’re thoroughly washed and ready.


5. You should just wait to shower at home

Locker rooms are gross, as we’ve mentioned, but the showers are the heart of grossness.You really shouldn’t shower with your contacts in anyway, but if you’re going to be handling your eyes, you’re probably better off doing it at home.

To be fair, in the scheme of things, going to the gym with contacts is really only a minor inconvenience. But add to it all the other inconveniences of all the other things you like to do with contacts and it gets to be a lot. If you haven’t considered LASIK in a while, this may be the time to do it. Head over to to schedule a FREE Consultation and claim your $600 Summer Savings Discount!

Hurry! You’ve only got 4 years before the next summer games.

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