Creepy Craig: This is WHY You LASIK

Staff meetings are hard enough as it is. Don’t let your poor vision make them any worse than they have to be. At nJoy Vision, we can get you seeing clearly in no time.


At nJoy Vision, LASIK is what we do. Schedule a FREE consultation with us and let one of our doctors answer any questions you might have. The consultation is free, the procedure is quick and virtually painless, and we have great financing options available. There’s nothing standing in your way!

So do yourself a favor. Treat yourself to LASIK, and keep Creepy Craig from Accounting at a safe distance. Creepy Craig is WHY you LASIK. We’d like nJoy Vision to be WHERE you LASIK.

Our point of view is that laser vision correction should be a positive, life-changing experience. Not just a medical procedure.

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