Exercise Your Eyes Like a Pro Athlete

Athletes are able to train to have a better swing, throw further, and run faster. But did you know they also train their eyes?

Most athletes need their vision to be top notch in order to perform at their best. Recently studies have shown that sports vision training has positive results.

Vision training actually has little to do with improving eyesight. The techniques are a form of perceptual learning that are intended to improve the ability to process what is seen. The postulation is that if visual sensory neurons are repeatedly activated, they are better abe to send electrical signals from one cell to another across connecting synapses.

Just like any other body part, when it goes prolonged periods of time without use it becomes weakened. Athletes now are adding vision training as part of their regimen.

There are two companies, Dynavision and Vision Coach, that have created light boards that strengthen peripheral vision. While keeping your gaze fixed in the center, light bulbs light up around the board and you hit them as quickly as possible.

This is just one technique for how to engage in vision training. There are many others that vision training coaches are trained in.

A study was published in Current Biology earlier this year showing that baseball players at the University of California, Riverside, were able to improve by 30% their reading of eye charts as well as batting averages.

Vision training, just like weight training, will be a little uncomfortable at first but the results are well worth it. It will take time in order to build up strength in your eyes but with dedication and practice, vision training coaches have seen incredible results.

Some of the skills addressed during training are:

Hand-eye coordination

This helps baseball players identify the ball as it is coming towards them and react properly.

Improved depth perception

This is important for football players as well as down hill skiers. They need to judge turns and jumps from far distances.

Eye tracking ability

This includes, but not limited, to tracking a bouncing basketball and anticipating what will happen.

When your career is based off of performance it is key to train every part of your body, this now includes vision training.

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