Eye Opening Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee drinkers, rejoice! The next time you order that Extra Grande Nonfat Vanilla Latte with Double Espresso, rest assured that the surge of caffeine may do more than simply open your eyes.

According to a new study out of Cornell University, chlorogenic acid (CGA), a main ingredient in raw coffee, may promote eye health.

In the study, researchers exposed mice to nitric oxide (NO). NO creates oxidative stress and free radicals, which lead to retinal degeneration, among other things.

However, the mice that were pretreated with CGA before being exposed to NO did not develop signs of retinal damage.

While this does not necessarily mean that retinal degeneration can be prevented simply by drinking coffee, it does open the door to the possibility. Obviously, further testing and research is needed to determine if coffee consumption actually promotes retinal health.

Until then, just imagine waking up to a special brew of coffee that opens yours eyes and helps protect your eyesight. When that day comes, we’ll have a double shot. With cream.


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