Contacts + Football Season = FOOTBALL FAIL

It’s football season. Time to pull up the recliner, grab some fried meats, and cheer like a crazy person. Only problem? Your contact lenses are about to sabotage the entire event.

Let us explain.


1. The Buffalo sauce

This is the one day a year you cannot resist its thrall. Buffalo wings are a-calling, and you can’t tell if you’re crying from sweet, savory pain or crying from joy. But either way, you’re crying, and weepy eyes don’t like contacts. All that wiping and rubbing plus sticky, spicy fingers is a really bad combo.


2. Flag football fail

Your friends convince you to join in a game of flag football to work out some friendly aggression during halftime. But all of the running and jostling and tackling (even though Greg promised he wouldn’t tackle people) knocks a contact out and then you’re hosed for the second half.


3. But at least you didn’t lose that contact during the game

Your friend’s living room floor is never dirtier than after dozens of feet have plodded all over it going to and from the nachos. If your contact lands on that floor, A) it’s not a good look to make all your friends stop enjoying the game and start looking for your missing lens, and B) you may not want to touch that lens again even after you’ve found it.

You can’t get your head in the game if you can’t get your mind off your eyes. If you want to enjoy the big game and enjoy the hundreds of other things that are made inconvenient by your contacts, maybe it’s time to take another hard look at LASIK. Even if you think you know the procedure, a lot has changed in the last 20 years, and you can get the latest information and get some of your questions answered at

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