Glasses Are the Worst Movie Date

It’s summer movie season! That magical time of year when super heroes hit the silver screen, epic love stories capture our hearts, and side-splitting comedies have us rolling in the aisles (sounds sticky). But for millions of Americans, blockbuster season can be VERY frustrating. Glasses can be the WORST movie date ever. 

Here are 5 reasons why wearing glasses makes movie night much more complicated:


1. 3D movies are incredibly frustrating

You have two options here. Either you try to balance the 3D glasses over your own — uncomfortable — or you ditch your frames and spend the next couple hours looking at out-of-focus objects flying around you.


2. Subtitles only help if you can read them

Every year, there’s always that one foreign language film that you just. have. to. see. That’s all well and good, except for the fact that you have to read tiny subtitles coming at a breakneck speed, and if you forget your glasses or just haven’t had your prescription updated in a while, story comprehension will be an unnecessary challenge.


3. Popcorn is out to get you

Popcorn butter is basically liquid gold, but it’s also liquid glasses ruiner. One accidental touch from an oily finger will leave your sight out of commission until you wash your greasy paws and find some lens cleaner.


4. Dropped glasses are glasses you never want to touch again

Now while you’re wiping that grease off your lenses, god forbid you drop them. Nothing is grosser than the floor of a movie theater. Any movie theater. And unless you want a double feature of your film with “The Sticky Abyss: Journey Through the Underside of a Movie Theater Seat,” you’re better off leaving your frames on your face.


5. You can only relate to the token nerd

Which Avenger wears glasses? Or which Hunger Games tribute? Everyone likes a character they can relate to. Unfortunately, in your case, the only character wearing glasses is often the supporting geek stuck on the sidelines of the action.

It’s time to step into that lead role you’ve always dreamed of. Head over to and schedule your FREE consultation. We’ll have you on your way to stardom in no time!

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