Google’s Next In-your-face Invention

As if Google Glass wasn’t revolutionary enough (come on, a computer on your face!), the search-turned-technology innovators from Mountain View applied for a patent last month for a new multi-sensor contact lens computer system.

This means that at some point in the not too distant future, Google will be putting a computer literally in your face.

As detailed by Patent Bolt, Google’s initial patent notes for their smart contacts centered around a multi-sensor system that would integrate with remote devices via blinking patterns. But as novel as that sounds, Google’s most recent patent filings for the contacts is what really grabs our attention.

A new report by Patent Bolt reveals Google has invented a micro camera system for their contact lens computers. The applications of which go way beyond taking simple Instagram snapshots with the blink of an eye.

Helping the Blind See
The contacts’ processing component, combined with the camera’s ability to capture a scene, means that a blind person wearing the contacts could receive immediate feedback and warnings about the environment around them, such as a busy intersection.

The contacts’ ability to detect and remember faces would even make it possible for the blind to “recognize” people around them.

Turning Vision into Super Vision
From wider peripheral views to info overlays to zoom focusing, the contacts integrated camera system offers an array of potential uses for those with healthy vision, too.

Check out Patent Bolt for more in-depth information and analysis on these exciting patents. Those guys cover it all, even the health concerns that may come with putting a computer in your eye.


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