Heroes Day

Are you a Police Officer, Firefighter, EMS, or Military personnel and have been thinking about getting LASIK for a while now? Well now’s the time to act with this Heroes’ Day event at nJoy Vision! We’re proud to support our Heroes!

All three of our centers will be taking part in the Heroes Day festivities, but locations will be hosting their event on different days. So here is what you need to know:

All first responders will want to get your FREE consultation scheduled ASAP (preferably two weeks prior to your procedure). This will give you time to make necessary preparations concerning your eyes. In most cases, our surgeons ask patients to go without their contact lenses for two weeks prior to a LASIK procedure in order to allow their eyes time to properly prepare for the LASIK procedure. Your surgeon will go over all of this during your FREE Consultation. 

HOUSTON Heroes Day: 3.24.16 (Schedule FREE Consultation before March 10)

OKC Heroes Day: 3.31.16 (Schedule FREE Consultation before March 17)

TULSA Heroes Day:  3.31.16 (Schedule FREE Consultation before March 17)

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