Horror Movies Not Your Thing? Here’s an Excuse to Leave the Lights On

Not a huge fan of horror movies? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Horror movies are a great way to close out any epic Halloween get-together. For most. But, if you’re particularly skittish, we’re providing you with the perfect excuse to get the host to keep the lights on.

Rapid changes in lighting, scene to scene, force your eyes to adjust continuously to different amounts of brightness, making your eyes work harder than usual.

Here’s where we encounter our biggest issue. Envision the typical horror movie for a second. It probably includes some very dimly lit scenes, and maybe some really bright scenes. Lights Out, released in 2016, is the perfect example of this scenario. The movie, originally a successful short film, is based completely around light. Moments of total darkness lead to a contrast of sudden bright light to keep the protagonists alive.

Eyestrain is ultimately what comes from working eye muscles too hard. According to Rebuild Your Vision, “eyestrain typically results in dry, tired eyes and occasionally headaches, but it can also be a contributing factor to the development of glaucoma.” (Learn more about glaucoma here.) In most cases, the results of straining the eyes are temporary. However, it can lead to more serious conditions that can actually cause blindness.

So, give your eyes a little bit of a break this Halloween. Keep the lights on when watching all the scariest the cinematic world has to offer. Have the walls around you gently lit to prevent such a dramatic contrast between your surroundings and the screen. Your eyes, and your heart rate, will thank you.

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Happy Halloween!

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