How Animals See the World

Animals are around us all the time. Whether they’re in a zoo or in our homes as pets, they see us and we see them. But have you ever wondered if we are looking at the same thing? How do animals really see the world we live in? This awesome video posted by Buzz Feed has had over 1.6 million people curious as to how animals see the world!

Animals are around us every day. Whether they’re in a zoo, or in our homes (sometimes uninvited), or flying overhead, they see us and we usually see them. But have you ever wondered if we’re actually seeing the same thing?

Surprisingly there are a lot of similarities between people and pets, but as amazing as the human eye is, there are some things it just can’t do. Like see ultraviolet light (birds) or detect heat signatures at night (snakes).

So go ahead and watch this awesome BuzzFeed video about how animals see the world, and join the 1.7 million people who will now think twice before walking barefoot across their yard at night.

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