How Much Are You Spending on Contacts and Glasses?

When it comes to choosing laser vision correction over glasses and contacts to remedy refractive errors, the most common hurdle for people to get over is the perceived cost of a surgical procedure.

But did you know that the average cost of glasses and contacts over a 30-year period – $12,450 – is substantially more than the average price for the Visian ICL™ (Implantable Collamer Lens) from Staar Surgical?

30-Year Cost of Glasses and Contacts

When you consider that the Visian ICL™ is one of the latest advancements in vision correction technology, it’s crazy to think that long term vision correction is often more affordable than just sticking with glasses and contacts.

To help make the investment in long-term vision correction more palatable, many doctors offer payment plans so that patients can spread out the cost of the Visian ICL™, or other procedures, over a period of time that works for best for their budget and needs.

Typical payment plans range from 6 months to 60 months, and can be as little as a dinner out each month.

If you’re tired of the endless hassles and expenditures associated with glasses and contacts, let nJoy Vision schedule your free consultation today. We’ll happily walk you through your procedure options and create a payment plan that meets your financial goals.

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