If You Look Like This, You Need LASIK

Sticking your tongue out to concentrate. Turning down the car radio when you’re lost. Squinting your eyes to see better.

We’ve all been in these certain situations where our innate actions seem to completely (and embarrassingly) defy logic. Or do they?

As it turns out, squinting might just be backed by science. Just ask anyone who wears glasses or contacts, no science degree required.

According to Minute Physics, and brought to our attention by Lifehacker, it’s all about focusing light to your retina. But while squinting may be our body’s own intuitive way of doing this, a more adequate tool is peering through a small hole in your fist. It’s your very own pinhole camera.

An even more reliable way to see well without glasses or contacts is LASIK at nJoy Vision. As a bonus, you’ll never be caught looking through a clenched fist.

Until then, go ahead and take off your glasses or remove your contacts, put your fist up to your eye and watch this video.

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