It’s a Colorful Life

Meet Concetta Antico, Australian born impressionist artist who now resides in Los Angeles, CA.  Concetta has established herself as a well-known artist and instructor. She is known for her vibrant and extremely colorful work, but there is more to Concetta than meets the eye, literally.

In December of 2012, it was discovered that Concetta was a Tetrachromat, meaning that she is among only 2% of the world’s population who have four color receptors in their eyes, as opposed to the usual three. The result? Her “super vision” , as she calls it on her website, allows her to see up to 100 million colors. This is 100 times more than the average human.

My color vision allows me to see very subtle color variations, differentiations that normal vision cannot perceive. My natural visual world is breathtaking. The world is so vibrant and stimulating to my eyes, allowing me to paint what I see, what I love the most, and what I live. The beauty I surround myself with is my daily muse.

Antico views her tetrachromacy as a gift, one that she desires to share with the rest of the world, both through her art and through teaching. She now spends her time in L.A. teaching, building up her personal gallery space, and writing a column for the Presidio Sentinel.

For more information about Antico, to see her art, or to read more about tetrachromacy, check out:

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