Jeepers Creepers! Can You Name These Peepers?

With Halloween right around the corner, we thought we would dedicate a post to some classic ghosts, goblins and ghouls of the silver screen! Think you know your villains?!? See if you can name these famous movie villains simply based on their haunting stare! Jeepers Creepers! Click on each image to reveal the answer!


So how’d you do? If you didn’t do so well on this quiz it means one of two things.

1. You’re not a scary movie fan. (That’s understandable.)

2. You couldn’t see the photos very clearly because your eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

While we may not be able to persuade you into spending this Halloween catching up on the scary movies you’ve missed, we can definitely help you with your eyesight! Head over to to schedule a FREE Consultation with one of our surgeons. We will get you on your way to a crystal clear movie watching experience in no time!

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