KD Sets His Sights on Your Sight

Last year we devoted a post to the amazing line of UV blocking sunglasses from OKC Thunder point guard, Russell Westbrook. His line of glasses were both stylish AND great for your eyes. Westbrook has since launched his very own clothing line and a Byredo fragrance simply called Westbrook. He seems to spend his off seasons getting his name attached to as much as he possibly can. And it seems to be paying off.

Not to be outdone, his partner on the court, Kevin Durant, is jumping into the glasses game as well. But KD has decided to tackle prescription glasses instead. This year Kevin launched his line of glasses in partnership with Nike, and the result is pretty impressive. Nike calls it the KD Collection. According to the Nike site, the KD Collection is comprised of 35 limited edition sets in speciality colors. Nike is also giving customers a chance to win an entire set for free, complete with a special presentation box.

And while we will always make it our mission to help you rid yourself of the need for glasses, we can’t help but promote one of our very own Thunder players. (Considering that our offices are located in OKC.) And just to be fair to our Houston office, if James Harden ever decides to launch his own line of beard oil, we will be the first to promote it here on the blog. Until then, Thunder Up!

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