Taking Care of Mom

April is coming to a close, and so we thought we would give you one last reminder that it is Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month. It is a tough fact of life that women are more likely than men to have eye-related problems. Researchers at Friends for Sight have pointed out some major reasons why this is the case.

According to FriendforSight.org, women are more susceptible to eye-related issues for a number of reasons:

  • Birth control/HRT: These may cause blood clots and strokes which can cause vision problems. Birth control/HRT can also increase women’s chances for cataracts and dry eye.
  • —Pregnancy: There are several changes that take place in a woman’s body during pregnancy, and eyes are not left out. Dry eye syndrome, light sensitivity, prescription changes, and eye puffiness are the most common eye problems seen in pregnant women. Migraines are common with pregnant women, which can cause light sensitivity. Higher blood pressure during pregnancy can cause blurry vision and retinal detachment.
  • —Menopause: Women who undergo menopause may experience dry eye syndrome and uveitis (eye inflammation).
  • —Fertility drugs: Women who take fertility drugs may experience spots in their vision.
  • —Breast cancer: Drugs taken to treat or prevent breast cancer can increase your risk of cataracts, eye bleeds, itchy eyes, and light sensitivity.
  • —Autoimmune diseases: Women are more likely to experience lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjögren’s syndrome (this destroys the glands in the eye and mouth that produce moisture). These diseases can impact the eye negatively.

So ladies, take care of yourself. Schedule regular doctors visits and eye exams. Make it a point to include eye-healthy foods in your diet and get plenty of exercise!

And while we are on the subject of women, let’s talk about the most important woman in our lives, Mom.

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching! That’s right guys. Time to start planning accordingly. If you have a special mom in your life that you know deserves the best, do her a favor and give her the gift of crystal clear vision! There’s no better time to schedule LASIK than right now! In fact, if you Schedule a FREE consultation by April 30th, we will knock $400 off the price of LASIK*.


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