Time For a Movie Makeover

Confession. All of us here at nJoy Vision are suckers for good, cheesy romantic comedy. Sure, they’re predictable, a bit cliche, and often times unrealistic. But honestly, isn’t that why we go to the movies? To escape reality, to step into a world that makes us forget the ups and downs of everyday life?

Ok, so your thing may not be RomComs. Maybe you’re a super-hero kind of person, or a classic 80s B Movie lover. Whatever your preference, we think you’ll enjoy this post.

Our “film research division” has spent countless hours watching movies of all genres in order to bring you this super-important information.

Our exhaustive research has revealed the secret to popularity, wealth, power, success, and an all-around perfect existence. But rather than come right out and tell you, we figured we’d SHOW you.

Brace yourself. The secret is literally right in front of your face. And Hollywood has been trying to show us for a long time now. It’s all about the Movie Makeover!

Exhibit A:  The 80s Classic- Can’t Buy Me Love
Before he was McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey showed us that the quickest way to a girl’s heart is to ditch the specs, and of course cut off your sleeves. 

Exhibit B: The Original Superman
And then there’s Clark Kent. He proved to us that wearing glasses makes you SO UNNOTICEABLE that you can literally be the most powerful super hero ever and hide in broad daylight. Thanks to glasses. 

Exhibit C: Teen Flick – She’s All That
And let’s not forget this prime example of how simple it is to become the most popular girl in school. Simple, lose those clunky frames. 

Exhibit D: The Princess Diaries
Want to be royalty? Not so fast!! Glasses simply aren’t “queenly”. 

Exhibit E: The hilarious – My Big Fat Greek Wedding
And of course, the only way to escape a mundane, dead end life is to ditch those outdated glasses and find a nice boy to settle down with.

OK. So maybe we are overstating this whole idea.

The truth is, getting rid of your glasses most likely will not make you popular, famous,  or wealthy.  And ditching your specs will DEFINITELY not give you super powers. But, there are still a lot of great reasons to look into corrective surgery. So do yourself a favor. Head to njoyvision.com/schedule to schedule a FREE Consultation with one of our doctors. We’ll discuss your options, provide you with any and all information you might need, and hopefully have you on your way to a glasses-free life in no time.


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