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If you listen to sports radio in Oklahoma City, you probably know the Humphreys name. Craig Humphreys spent over 30 years as a sports talk personality for WWLS–The Sports Animal before retiring in December 2023.

The next iconic Humphreys voice to grace the Sports Animal airwaves belongs to his son, Sam.

Before turning to sports radio, Sam was a golfer whose college career and professional aspirations were upended first by a cancer diagnosis and then by the COVID-19 pandemic. Trading in his driver for drive time, Sam joins Mark Rodgers on The Middle of the Day Show and Jim Trabor for The Afternoon Sports Beat every weekday afternoon from 12:00 to 4:00. On Tuesday evenings, he hosts Golf Oklahoma’s 73rd Hole Podcast, and on Wednesday nights, you can hear him talking even more golf on the 73rd Hole Radio Show on The Sports Animal.

Now that Sam spends more time talking than golfing, you might be wondering why he is just now getting LASIK. The truth is that talking sports requires watching sports. Like, a whole lot of watching. And if you’ve ever tried catching a West Coast baseball game on your laptop while simultaneously watching the Thunder and Suns play on your big screen late at night, you know how difficult that is with glasses or contact lenses.

Sure, tracking a ball down the fairway is easier nowadays, but the way Sam sees it, there’s never been a better time for him to find a fresh perspective with LASIK in OKC at nJoy Vision.

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What is your name, and when did you get LASIK?

My Name is Sam Humphreys, and I had LASIK in February of 2024.

What is your profession, and what role does vision play in your job and/or day-to-day life?

As a sports radio show host and podcaster, I have hours of screen time every day. I also play golf and wanted to do those things without the hassle of contacts. Whether I’m looking at computers up close or looking into the distance when I’m playing golf, I see better now than I did with contacts.

How long had you been considering LASIK, and why did you decide to do it now?

I had been debating getting LASIK for about five years.

Are you satisfied with the results of your LASIK procedure?

I am more than satisfied. LASIK at nJoy Vision was life-changing!

LASIK at nJoy Vision was life-changing!

Take us through the LASIK process at nJoy Vision, including the consultation, procedure, and follow-up appointments.

I was nervous about having surgery on my eyes because I could see well enough with contacts, but the nJoy team made me feel comfortable about the decision. The tests they ran during the pre-op process assured me I was a great candidate for LASIK and the procedure would be successful.

The surgery was quick and easy and I had zero pain. My vision was already at 20/20 at my one-day follow-up appointment the morning after the procedure.

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Tell us about the first time you realized you had bad vision.

I have worn glasses or contact lenses since I was 10, so I don’t know when I first realized it. I think I’ve just always had bad vision.

How did your vision impact your life as a child, as a teenager, and as an adult?

It was always stressful worrying about having extra contacts or glasses with me everywhere I went because I was blind without them.

My vision was already at 20/20 the morning after the procedure.

What was your least favorite thing about wearing glasses and contact lenses?

My least favorite thing was when my contacts got dry at the end of the day, and I had to wear glasses in bed to watch TV or work on my computer.

What are you most looking forward to doing or experiencing without glasses or contacts?

The thing I am looking forward to the most is not having to pack contacts or glasses on my next trip!

What is the biggest difference in your life now compared to before you had LASIK?

The difference has been life-changing. In everything I do, I can see better now than I could before with contacts or glasses. Even in simple things like my morning routine, it’s noticeable because I don’t have to put in contacts before I brush my teeth.

I would not trust anywhere other than nJoy Vision.

Would you recommend LASIK at nJoy Vision in OKC to your friends and family?

Absolutely. I would definitely tell my family and friends this is worth it and that I would not trust anywhere other than nJoy Vision.

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