Sandi Patty’s Laser Cataract Surgery Patient Journey

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For 45 years, Sandi Patty has moved audiences with her wide soprano vocal range and inspiring Christian Music. But when the Grammy Award-winning singer developed cataracts several years ago, she began to lose the most important part of her craft—the ability to connect with her audience.

Recently, Sandi made the life-changing decision to restore her vision by undergoing laser cataract surgery at nJoy Vision in Oklahoma City.

In this nJoy Vision patient journey video, Sandi explains why she chose nJoy Vision for such an important procedure, and why she has been elated with not only the outcome but also her experience at nJoy Vision.

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Sandi Patty’s Patient Journey Video Transcript:

Hi. I’m Sandy Patty, and I’m so excited to tell you about an amazing life change that just took place in my life.

So, I have had cataracts that began to develop over the last several years, and I got to meet some amazing people at nJoy Vision here in Oklahoma City.

What is your profession, and what role does vision play in your job and/or day-to-day life?

I’m a singer. I have been for about 45 years, and vision is key. Next to my voice, probably my eyes are the next important thing because it helps me connect with an audience.

Vision is number one for me. And I began to notice some vision changes several years ago as cataracts were beginning to grow and grow and grow, and they got to a point where it was really becoming a problem because I could not see the faces on the people in the audience. I could not read the music that I was given. I had to make the lyrics really big in order for me to read them.

And so, my vision became a big, big problem that was limiting how I did my profession.

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Did you have vision problems before developing cataracts?

I noticed several decades ago that I wasn’t seeing at a distance as well. It was hard to see while I was driving at night. It was hard to go to a movie. And so, I had a very low prescription of glasses that would help me with that distance, or contacts. The biggest problem for me came when the cataracts began to develop.

Why did you choose nJoy Vision for laser cataract surgery?

We have a wonderful community of friends here in Oklahoma City, and I began to hear from a few of my friends that they had been to a place called nJoy Vision and had laser cataract surgery. And I was like, “Tell me more, tell me more.” And so, I came and I had an appointment consultation. And it was true. Everything my friends said, it was true when I got here.

Of course, I consulted with my own physician and he highly recommended nJoy Vision. So, I had my doctor and my friends. It was an easy choice for me to come to nJoy Vision.

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Take us through the laser cataract process at nJoy Vision, including consultations, procedures, and follow-up appointments.

I was nervous and excited about coming to nJoy Vision for the first time to just have a consultation. I know that these incredibly gifted medical people do this every day, but these are my only pair of eyes.

But when I walked through the doors from the people at the front desk, to the technicians, to the doctor, to the surgeon, they answered all of my questions before I even had to ask them and put me so at ease with the process.

They understood that these are my only two eyes, and that this was a new process for me. And it made me feel so comfortable walking in a place that understood the fears and questions of a potential patient, that it was very easy for me to say, “Well, if they make me feel this comfortable in the initial process, they are going to make me feel comfortable throughout the process.”

Once we finished the initial consultation and got the dates set to have my surgery, they did one eye at a time. Again, I was excited and nervous at the same time, but the same heart and the same spirit that I experienced the very first time I walked through these doors was carried into the operating room.

And they answered all of my questions before I even had a chance to ask them, made me feel at home, walked me through the process as it was going on. “You’re going to feel a little bit of this. There should be no pain. This is done, and we’re done.”

And you know what? It made me feel so comfortable having that tremendous confidence in the surgeon and in his team. The thing I have begun to appreciate more than anything else about nJoy Vision is how they walk alongside you through this entire process.

So after the surgery was done and I went home, I came back the next day, and they checked my eyes. And then, I came back a week later, and they checked my eyes. They sent me texts. They sent me emails. “How are you doing? How’s it going? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate.”

This process for me will still go on for a couple of months as I will continue to step into the sweet space here at nJoy Vision until I am completely 100% well. And then, I think I’m going to be a little sad because what started out as just professionals, they’ve become my friends.

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Which lens implant did you choose and why?

So, after consulting with my excellent medical team, we chose, and I felt so good about the option of a multifocal lens.

That way I could see far away, I could see intermediate, and I could see up close. All of the things that I need for my daily life and my profession.

What are you most looking forward to doing or experiencing after laser cataract surgery?

I am a big fan of sunsets, and I actually saw my first sunset. I had no idea, even though sunsets are beautiful, I had no idea that it was as beautiful with the vividness of my new lens and the cataracts gone. Absolutely stunning. I am just enjoying discovering the color and the beauty in this world.

Are you satisfied with the results of your laser cataract surgery?

I am beyond thrilled, excited, satisfied with this procedure. From the medical end, to the personal end, to the walking us through every step, it is incredible. And I really had no idea that immediately after surgery I would be able to see as well as I could see. And I’m told it’s just going to get better from here.

Are you satisfied with your experience at nJoy Vision?

My time spent with nJoy Vision has made the process of laser cataract surgery—that’s been the secondary thing—my experience with them as professionals of people, their kindness, their information sharing, educating me on what the process was like has been an unexpected pleasure.

A lot of times medical people get a little bit of a bad rap for just moving through the day and not treating patients as individuals. I’ve got to tell you, that is a different story here at nJoy Vision.

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Would you recommend nJoy Vision to your friends, family, and followers?

So, I am like that person that I have to tell all the good things that have happened to me. And I started telling my friends. My husband and I, we have a little show on Facebook on Saturday night, and we started telling our fans about all of this.

At my concerts, people know that I’ve had this process. And so, they were like, “Tell me about it. How was it? Would you recommend it?”

I have no problem telling my friends not only about the surgery, but about nJoy Vision. They are absolutely the best.

Is there anything else you would like to add about laser cataract surgery or your nJoy Vision experience?

Sandi: Hi, everybody. This is Sandy Patty, and I’m here with my sweet husband of 27 years. And I’ve been telling everybody about my laser cataract surgery and my experience with nJoy Vision. But you had a sideline seat to really see it from a different perspective.

Don: Yes.

Sandi: What have you seen a difference in me or being here at nJoy Vision?

Don: Well, I’ve got to say the first thing she did when she came out with her Terminator glasses on after the surgery, it was so awesome. It was a great day in Oklahoma. And she looked up to the sky and she said, “I’ll never forget this. The sky is so blue.”

Sandi: I know.

Don: So, fast forward to Sunday football. It might have been Sunday, Monday, or Thursday. We’re watching the scores. And she goes, “I can’t believe they do that on fourth and one.”

Sandi: Yeah. And you said-

Don: I can’t believe you can see that.

Sandi: Yes, exactly.

Don: Then she said, “I think you’re sleeping over there.”

Sandi: I think you’re sleeping because I can see you.

Don: And I was probably. But we are just big time believers in nJoy and the whole process, and we’re just two very, very happy customers.

Sandi: Very happy customers. In fact, he wants to go next. So, we’ll see.

Don: There you go.

Sandi: Yeah.

Sandi Patty’s cataracts met their match at nJoy Vision, and so can yours!

Call (405) 842-6060 to schedule your nJoy Vision laser cataract consultation.

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