Six Great Reasons Why Businesses Should Offer Vision Benefits

All across the country, vision plan offerings are on the rise. Even in the midst of the recession and uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act, the rate at which large and small companies are offering vision coverage has increased between 30% and 200% since 2008, respectively.

Why? Because more and more people are needing prescription eyewear or contacts every year.  And as this article says, vision benefits are high-value, low-cost and more than pay for themselves in a number of ways – six, to be exact.

For more detailed information on each of the six reasons, check out the full article here.

They serve a universal need
Four out of five employees need some form of visual correction.

They blend function with fashion
Employees are motivated to use their benefit when they can match their glasses to their style and personality.

They help manage diseases
Comprehensive eye exam can reveal a lot about person’s overall health.

They empower employees to be proactive
Patients whose health conditions are identified by an eye doctor seek medical treatment earlier than those seen by a primary care doctor after experiencing symptoms.

They provide a return on your investment
Early diagnosis and treatment often leads to fewer emergency room visits, fewer hospital admissions and fewer medications.

They are easy to administer
Vision benefits are incredibly flexible, inexpensive and accessible in many ways.

Part of being healthy is having regular doctors appointments and proper eye care. Offering employees medical and vision benefits helps  create a happier, healthier, more efficient work environment.

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