Spring Into Clear Vision

Are you one of 50 million Americans who suffer from allergies each year? (CDC) Are you also one of 225 million Americans who wear corrective lenses? (Statistic Brain) You’re certainly not alone.

While warmer and sunnier days are fast approaching, with them comes an increase in pollen count. An increase in pollen count means a few things: blossoming trees, blooming flowers, and a lot of sneezing, itching, and coughing. Though there’s quite a bit of good that comes with the bad, it can be hard to see it with bleary, watery eyes. Add contacts or glasses on top of that, and you’ve got quite the mess to deal with.

Luckily, we have the perfect solution: LASIK!

Say goodbye to irritable, itchy contacts and smudged glasses. And say hello to a new, fresh perspective.

To schedule your FREE consultation, visit njoyvision.com/schedule.

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