Technology Makes Contact

For a while now, we’ve been following the updates Google has been making to their Smart Contact Lens technology. As always, it’s pretty impressive stuff from Google X, the search giant’s semi-secret research and tech arm.

In late March, it was announced that Google had been granted a patent by the U.S. patent authorities to make the lenses. According to the patent, the technology currently being developed will included a chip, electric circuit, and sensor. The patent doesn’t include specifics about intended use or capabilities, but it has long been assumed the contacts will allow diabetics to measure their blood sugar.

So far, Google has seven contact lens patents and at least one more pending. The pending patent is for a computerized camera to be included in the contact lens. If approved, this addition to the smart contact lens has limitless possibilities for additional applications, such as vision assistance.

Who knows, maybe one day soon you will be reading this blog directly from your smart contact lenses.

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