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Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. That means you’re probably scrambling to find a last-minute gift that doesn’t scream “last-minute gift.” We feel ya, and we know just what you need. A V-Day mixtape.

Maybe we’re showing our age here (we have been doing LASIK for 20 years, you know), but when it comes to last-minute gifts, you just can’t beat a good mixtape. Whether you’re burning a CD, compiling a playlist, or recording an old-school cassette tape, they’re surprisingly simple to create. And even though someone else already did the hard work of writing, composing, singing, and recording the music, a good mixtape will always seem more sincere and thoughtful than you actually are.

To show you the true romantic power of a Valentine’s Day mixtape, these five love ballads will have you falling in love with LASIK in no time. Feel free to use them on your own mixtape. You can thank us at your free LASIK consultation.

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Track 1: Love Don’t Cost a Thing – Jennifer Lopez

In this pop hit from 2001, J.Lo tries to convince us that she doesn’t care about Rolexes and Benzes; she just wants someone to treat her right and give her all the things money can’t buy. It’s a nice sentiment, but we all know it’s simply not true. After all, Jenny from the Block is pretty famous for the rocks that she got.

Sorry, J.Lo, but nothing in life is free. Whether we’re talking love or LASIK, it’s gonna cost something. The good news is LASIK is $400 less at nJoy Vision with the Love, LASIK discount during the month of February.

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Track 2: My Hero – Foo Fighters

The only thing that rocks harder than the Foo Fighters is having great vision. My Hero is the perfect song to include on a Valentine’s Day mixtape, especially if that person referred you to nJoy Vision for LASIK.

Track 3: All of Me – John Legend

A Valentine’s Day mixtape without the silky, soulful voice of John Legend is like a box of chocolates without the rich decadence of a chocolate truffle. It’s just wrong. 

Of all his swoon-worthy serenades, “All of Me” is the track we can’t live without. In this heartwarming ode to his partner and video costar, Chrissy Teigen, he professes his unconditional love despite her “perfect” imperfections, and we’re here for it.

But are we wrong to point out that bad vision is an imperfection that could easily be corrected with LASIK? According to the National Eye Institute, 150 million Americans have a vision problem that LASIK could fix.

If your inability to read all the lines on an eye chart is keeping someone from loving all of you, they’re the one that is nearsighted and you’re better off without them. But if you’ve already found your own Legendary love or just want to see better for yourself, LASIK at nJoy Vision is the perfect choice.

Track 4: At Last – Etta James

At Last is a slow, bluesy melody with lyrics that paint a contrastingly heartening picture of someone finding new love.

If your life had a soundtrack, this is the song that would be playing the morning after you have LASIK and you realize you don’t need glasses or contact lenses anymore.

Track 5: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

This power ballad from the movie Armageddon has it all – an orchestra, cinematic guitar riffs, Steven Tyler’s trademark vocal scream, and an asteroid.

The song hits home for us because our LASIK patients tell us all the time that they’re tired of missing out on life because of their vision. 

Don’t Let Love or LASIK Slip Away

Whether you’re looking for love or LASIK this Valentine’s Day, now is the time to make your move. So dust off that stack of blank CDs and let us hook you up with this incredibly attractive, absolutely charming, surprisingly available $400 LASIK discount. Please request a consultation online or call (405) 842-6060 today.

It’ll be love at first sight.

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